Dr. Don Sewell, M.D. , F.A.C.S.
My Arch Rivals


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Johnny Love

Johnny Love IS the Manager of Champions. For 23 years this Formidable Villain has been haunting Wrestling Arenas around the country. His cunning tactics and successful associations have led He and those who follow him to countless titles and Golden Moments. He has managed both the Rookie and those larger than life Superstars but in either case, they walk away having learned a great deal more than they knew coming in. My dealings with this Infamous Fiend started out as cooperative and at times, shall we say.....profitable. However, for the last trip around the Sun he has been nothing more than a Cancer. He has thwarted my every attempt to dominate with his bloody POD. However, now I hold the winning hand.....2 of a kind. Scotty Ace......Jake Gemini. THE Most Popular and Best Tag-Team in the Tri State Area. Enough said. With all of his Knowledge, Money, Limousines, Caviar  and enviable wardrobe, there is still one fact that remains in his head as he lays down to sleep EVERY night. He IS Good, but I am Better,Quicker, Earlier and Wiser ....and that, my dear Patients will never, ever change.



I first met up with this Ghastly Ghoul in Laurens, SC while he was representing the prince of morbidity....the Corpse. This mans fascination and outright obsession with Death and the Macabre sends chillls down the spines of the biggest, strongest men. Although soft spoken, his cold stare does the work of a thousand words. Strange and unexplainable goings on during matches in which he participates are reported and witnessed on a routine basis. It is documented fact that something more than we can understand is going on but as to what, we dare not venture. Although many hold steadfast in the belief that he holds powers of a supernatural nature. I, however, as a scientist, rebuke such foolish nonsense. I do wonder how he does that stuff.......hmmmmmmmmmm. Powers or not.....beware !

I will best you at every intersection, oh Evil One !!!!