Dr. Don Sewell, M.D. , F.A.C.S.
My Associates


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During my tenure, I have had the opportunity to be associated with some of the finest Athletes in the world, some only briefly and some for extended periods of time. I will attempt to highlight these associations here:


Soul Generation

When I first became a manager in the IWA, I was immediately assigned to The Playa' and Ice Cube of Soul Generation. We hit it off from the bat and a strong chemistry (he,he) developed. these two fine athletes catapulted themselves to become Tag Team Champions in the IWA where they dominated in that position for many months. After false accusations by Johnny Love and Jake Bruze that I had unfairly altered the outcomes by somehow "drugging" their opponents, they had no choice but to terminate our alliance. I understood perfectly and wish them all the best. These two cats may very well prove to be un-stopable ! 


The Interns

Shortly after my break with Soul Generation I paired Dale "The Rocket" Dwindle and Ishmael Exidus to form the tag team of  The Interns. Although I at first approached this project with some skepticism, I soon found that these two guys were made of nothing short of Athletic Titanium and the dance was on. They surpassed my wildest imaginings to missile themselves to championship level by winning the World Tag Team Title. We were also joined by "The Orderly" who assisted us in ways that escape my descriptive capabilities.What an asset ! My departure from the IWA brought a sad halt to this magnificent partnership I was lucky enough to be allowed to participate in.


2 of a Kind

Enter Destruction and Anihilation !!! Enter Jake Gemini and Scotty Ace. Enter 2 of a Kind. These Twin Towers of Evil promise to do nothing but  bulldoze their way to Gold at any cost. Retreat is not an option. Pain is not a factor. Failure will not be tolerated !! Having been squelched up until now (although they dominated in the IWA as Tag Team Champions nonetheless under the watchful eye of veteran manager of champions Johnny Love), under my management, I will allow them the freedom to unleash the Terror and Carnage in a way that only these two Machines of Mayhem can. I have an inside tip that right now is an excellent time to puchase CEMETERY PLOTS !!!!!!!!!