Dr. Don Sewell, M.D. , F.A.C.S.
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Fear of Flying Help Course

The Doctor is IN !

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Welcome to my humble practice specializing in 'Extreme' Sports Medicine and Trauma. Professional Wrestlers comprise the bulk of my current patient base, but I treat a diversified mix of prime athletic specimens. With what little spare time I manage to find with a flashlight and magnifying glass, I participate in the managerial aspects of the Professional Wrestling gauntlet. My current project is managing the Tag Team "Two of a Kind" comprised of the infamous Scotty Ace and Jake Gemini. This conglomeration is in the process of a metamorphosis that can result in something no less than macabre and frightening. When they fully realize and focus the energies and powers bestowed them, they will be a force that can be neither contained or controlled and will grow exponentially. THIS is where I scrub for surgery. Up until now they have lacked proper guidance and counsel, and while they have indeed dominated nonetheless, many of their talents have remained unused. A new day has dawned. I will fine -tune these 2 magnificent specimens into one mighty, super intelligent, unpredictable and focused machine of mass carnage, mayhem and destruction. When you hear screaming and sirens, that is where we can be found. When you hear massive explosions that is where we can be seen. When you hear rumors of destruction, know that it is us, and run. In the game WE play... Two of a Kind ALWAYS beats a full house...and everybody in it!!!



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