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Crests were normally earned and awarded ceremoniously during the patients' first year but at times after that. With the Crest came both privilege and responsibility for oneself and for others. The crest was sewn proudly on the left side of the Blue Blazer Sports Jackets and Navy Sports Shirts symbolically over the heart. These were worn on Oundays, on outings and at other special functions.

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Design of the Anneewakee Crest was completed in 1964 by the diligent efforts of the first young men who attended Anneewakee.

The Pine Tree and Red Hill are the materials found in nature which man may use to his ability and ambition to improve the state of his existence in nature.

The Scroll depicts the democratic concept of the value of the individual and also the importance of ones relationship to other individuals.

The Winding Path to the Rising Sun signifies the importance of striving toward a goal in life, using the self-discipline necessary to overcome obstacles which may present themselves in the reaching of that goal.

The Praying Hands show the need for a religious concept, the recognition of a power in the universe which is higher than the individual.

The Dove and the Olive Branch was selected from the story of Noah in the Bible to show that a new life in a clean new world is possible.

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