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Welcome to which is a fellowship page devoted to the Men and Women who were Alumni of Anneewake, TC in Douglasville and Rockmart Georgia as well as Carrabelle, Florida.  Upon it's completion this page will house at the very least several hundred pictures from all eras at Anneewakee from  both the Boy's and Girl's campuses. This page will not participate in conjecture and controversey and will neither support or negate any allegations about anyone.  This is a site for memories.  Amid the confusion of childhood and coming to terms with growing up in a difficult and unfamiliar set of circumstances, there were times of smiling and this will be what these pages will be devoted to   In order to preserve factual continuity, please remember that there will be pictures from ALL eras of ALL people and none have been espunged.  If you believe that seeing someone's picture might be hurtful, please contact me specifically for any querries, BEFORE browsing.  Any donations of pictures will be graciously accepted.  If you want to pitch in please mail entries to:
1300-D N. Main Street
Anderson, SC
This group and page will be free to all alumni of Annewakee with no exceptions. once going we will be on our own server and donations will be gladly accepted to help pay for hosting and technical services. We will have an easy board chat and a yahoo chat that is open to all.We invision a 'knock your socks off" site with information on history, the trials and accusations and many photos. no one will be refused admission that has attended anneewakee. the message board 'Anneewakee' is a members only board and you must first be approved for membership by filling in the info at the link:
And entering your email address on the 'Join Anneewakee' box.
The Anneewakee dot com board will be a public board and will not require pre-authorization. this will be for public chat so be advised when you post.
Once is fully underway we will have our own server and our own message forum thereby eliminating the need to use a Yahoo board here and it's nagging commercialization. This will also be a much more secure endeavour. As we say everyone is welcome and lets have fun.



Password is wawoka

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.