Dr. Don Sewell, M.D. , F.A.C.S.


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Here are some examples of how we try to go out of our way in order to serve you better


Outpatient Surgery is performed on a routine basis in all of our locations. We maintain cutting edge, up to the minute equipment and procedures at all five offices. So if you have a bone to pick.....no problem.


The Gentle, Caring touch we add to our Health Care can be matched by no one.


Beginning this year we will be carrying a full line of Caskets and Funeral Accessories for both our opponents and ......God forbid.....any mishaps on our part.Ask about our "Try Before You Die" payment plan with three handy upgrade options to save your loved ones the dirty details. We will continue to operate and maintain our Tanning Salons with our patented "Pay as you Lay" Tanning Caskets just outside our offices adjacent to Dr.Mel Anoma's Skin Cancer Clinic for those patients with vanity in mind..


Modern, Hopital Style Recovery Rooms can be found in all of our convenient locations. We also offer a Drive Thru pharmacy/Chic-Fil-A Restaurant for the convenience of our patients at each site. 




All of our lab work is done on sight saving you the expense of third and fourth party handling.


All of our locations incorporate Heli-Pads to accommodate Med-Evac Helicopters for Patient transport


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